Recoil Rebound User Testimonials.

I shot my Glock 20 with the Recoil Rebound Spring system installed...Five shots during an adrenalized situation. But I did notice that I stayed on target very well; I remember the orange front site always being on target, and I didn't notice any [of the usual] 'frame slap'.

"Five shots during an adrenalized situation..."

"I stayed on target very well..."

"It really works. My .40 S&W 226 feels and shoots like a 9 now."

"....40 Feels and Shoots like a 9 now."

J. E. Wallace

First tried recoil-rebound in my 9mm Sig 226. it with standard spring and recoil-rebound and found a significant difference in the felt recoil and less muzzle rise allowing a faster return to sight on the target. Shooting was definitely more comfortable. In summary I have to say "It works as advertised". Very pleased to the point that I purchased additional units for my 9mm Sig 229. With the shorter barrel the perceived effects of less muzzle rise and less felt recoil were even more pronounced. I recommend giving this product a try!

Robert W.

It Works As Advertised! ... Less Muzzle Rise Allowing Faster Return to Sight...

I installed this spring assembly in my 226 DAK .40 yesterday. Took it to the range this morning. Nice recoil reduction and less snap. Second shot is much faster. Did to my 226 what HK does to the USP .45 for recoilreduction. Actually works as advertised. 

"Less Snap..."

Review from Sig Talk forum Texas527

Remarkable new guide rod system! Cut felt recoil in my G19 by half! Even +P+


I bought this product for my Gen 4 G17 and I'm glad I did. It quickly dropped in to my Glock 17 and it made a huge difference in felt recoil and follow up shot speed. The components are all American made and of the highest quality. Great product that does what it's designed for.  Works great with factory ammo in my G17. It really smoothed out the felt recoil and it quickly snaps the slide back in to battery. Excellent quality components!

Brian S.

April 17, 2016

Fantastic item! All serious Glock owners need this!! Love it!! Roll Tide!!


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  • Winner of Shootout with DPM, Sprinco & Glock

  • Amazing Double-Taps

  • Faster Cycling & Reset

  • Total Elimination of Frame Slap

  • Unprecedented Felt Recoil Reduction (Documented G-Force Reduction)

  • Unlike Any Other System Made in the USA, Recoil Rebound Exclusively Uses Belleville Spring Abutting Another Spring

  • 120 lb Progressive Spring Stack 

  • 2nd and 3rd Springs Engage AFTER round is ejected for exceptional precision

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